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U.K.O. Unidentified Knotted Objects


Hard to describe...braided material with multiple floppy ends. This is the fabric version of the Chewapalooza.


Prices start at $5 to $15 plus shipping. Martha will customize a toy for you if you contact her. Visit and scroll to the end of the page to see the UKO section. Here is a link to the order form.

UKO's benefit the St. Charles Humane Society. Mention Bergamot & Emrys's Toy Test and a percentage will go to

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Bergamot & Emrys loved how floppy it was. Emrys really wanted to play I-smack-you-in-the-face-tug with it but understandably as the designated smackee Bergamot is not a big fan of that game. As a fetch toy B&E really liked how easy it is to grab. It is fun to run with because of the floppiness. Mostly, the Beasts found it deep-down satisfying to hold it with their paws and gnaw on it. They hunkered down and concentrated on precisely chewing the knots and trying to untie them. They tried all different bite styles: the Front Chiclet Teeth Mouse Gnaw, the Side-Tooth Crusher Chew, the Canine Loop De-Knotter. They all seemed satisfying. A dog that likes to have a security-toy may really get into it with the UKO. All in all the UKO is a fun fetch and chew toy. This toy rates high on flopability. It is easy to hold & chew. The toy is nice & soft for indoor play. It does not have a squeaker so it is also quiet.

See the UKO test photos.

Beast Review:
April, 2006

Both Beasts like to fetch it and like to run with it flopping out of their mouths. After a good game of tug its perfect to curl up with & chew & gnaw & gnaw...

toy test rating

"I highly recommend the Chiclet Teeth Mouse Gnaw on this toy!"
~ Bergamot Fury

toy test rating

"Why won't anyone play I-smack-you-in-the-face-tug with me?"
~ Emrys

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The UKO is a fabric toy. It can be shredded & torn by dogs with a high shred-drive - but they will find it satisfying. The UKO is designed for dogs that are gentler on their toys or dogs that like a soft toy. It may last longer than a plush toy because there is no squeaker to drive them to kill it.


The Beasts still have their UKO but much like Chuck Norris views the world - they could destroy it if they wanted to.

Cost vs. Durability:
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Match this toy up with your dog's play style and this is a nicely priced toy that is created & sold with the intention of providing safe, fun toys for dogs and to benefit rescue efforts.

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This is a soft fabric toy. It has no squeakers or hard parts. If pieces are torn off they could be ingested. We would rate this toy as safe as a rope toy. As with any dog toy its use should be monitored and should be removed if it begins to show chew damage.

Boston Proof?

A great toy that is not intended for bold shredders.


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