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Poochie Bells


Jingle Bells on a colorful ribbon to hang on your door. A Doggie Doorbell.


$14.95 from Poochie-Bells

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Well - this isn't a toy so the Beasts declined to judge on thrill. But I was thrilled to find a fun and attractive bell for Emrys to use to ring to go outside. A plus is Bergamot actually learned how to ring them too!

Boston Terriers are notorious for not signaling when they need to go out. We trained Emrys to ring a bell as a puppy. When we got our Poochie Bells we taught Bergamot & Emrys to ring them.
Here is a training tutorial you can follow to teach your dog to ring a bell. Its a fun trick to practice and very helpful in teaching your dog to let you know when they need "to go".

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Beast Review:

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"I can whack these bells and get results! I wanna go out!!!"
~ Emrys

toy test rating

"I primarily use these bells as a way of obtaining treats. I don't need to ring bells to go outside, my people pay attention to my every move."
~ Bergamot Fury

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I'm very happy with our Poochie Bells. The bells are heavy, silver bells that make a cheerful ring. They are not clang-y like the bells that hang on doors in stores. The ribbon is strong and the bells are attached securely with grommets. The bells are attached by rings & can be swapped onto multiple ribbons.

Boston Proof?

No. But then again, they are not a toy. I wouldn't recommend using your Poochie Bells for a game of Tug, but they should be safe hanging from the door knob.


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