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Canine Genius Leo


Chewy Treat Dispensing Toy that is a puzzle too!
The Leo is a brightly colored, soft, rubbery, bowling pin shaped toy. You hide treats inside & can link multiple Leos together! The more you link together - the more challenging the puzzle. Each Leo is approximately 8 inches tall.


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Off the Thrill Scales!!!
Bergamot & Emrys have refused to eat out of their bowls for 4 days now. All they want to do is play with their Leos.
These are substantial toys that allow the Beasts to really get physical. They roll them, thump them, flip them, pick them up & throw them. All this action to get the treats out. There are 3 treat exits to a Leo - the neck & two 'x' shaped cross cut holes. You can link multiple Leos together by popping the neck of one into the cross cut hole of another. Once they are connected the treats move from one toy to the next as they get moved around.
Bergamot & Emrys really like how challenging these toys are. They played with them the entire afternoon. Even after they got all the easy treats out, they still enjoyed the game of playing with the Leo - even if the treats were difficult to get. It was a perfect union of treats & a fun toy! They also bounce really high when you throw them for fetch.
The peeps at Canine Genius ARE geniuses! This is a innovative and brilliant new toy!

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Beast Review:
April 2006

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"I like to hike the Leo through my legs!"
~ Emrys

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"I can hear them calling me in my sleep."
~ Bergamot Fury

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The Leo comes in two strengths - the Regular and the Extra for medium+ chewers. The Beasts tested the Extra. The Extras are heavier than the Regulars and the Beasts really enjoyed having a weighty toy that stood up to them. They have not been able to damage them even after 4 days of constant play.

The Leo is a treat dispenser and not intended as a chew toy. Alise from Canine Genius gave us some tips on showing the Beasts how to play with this learning toy so that it would be a fulfilling & fun activity and not a frustration. Start off easy and challenge your dogs as they learn.


Still going strong!

Cost vs. Durability:
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Knowing how smart Bostons are and how important it is to keep them occupied, the value of a toy that keeps them engaged and focused for so long is priceless. A single Leo is a blast to play with - but the fun and challenge offered by linking them together is well worth getting a pair!

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Needs Supervision. Check this toy for wear & tear after each use.

Boston Proof?

Very durable.


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