Boston Terrier Challenge

Dog Toy Test Team

Bergamot Bergamot Fury

Specialty: Seam Ripper

Bergamot's favorite pastime is de-stuffing a soft, plushy squeeky toy. He has a very efficient system that brings him much joy. He finds the seams and opens them with his teeth. Once he has a small hole, he begins the delicate process of fluff removal. Here is the official procedure for fluff removal: grab mouthful of fluff in front teeth, pull, turn head to the side, spit. Repeat. When he is finished, there remains a barely damaged plush toy - only flat.


Specialty: Squeeker Removal

Emrys' toy technique has a bit less finesse than Bergamot's - but it is no less effective and much faster. Emrys' aim is to remove the squeeker as fast as she can with the use of brute force. Emrys begins her test by biting and punching the toy with her nose to ascertain the exact location of the squeeker. Once the squeeker is located within the toy, she begins to tear into the plush to get to the squeeker within. There is much shaking, tearing, ripping and clawing as she disembowels the toy. Once the squeeker is freed, she snatches it up in her mouth and runs away leaving a scattered pile of shredded plush and wet fluff.


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